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Welcome to Convinced, a niche presentation design agency offering unique and unmatched pitch and presentation design services. Our presentations are impressive, compelling and memorable – proven to captivate any audience.  We empower presenters, stopping “Death by PowerPoint”. 
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Why you can’t afford a poor presentation design​

For a business, a poor presentation will directly affect your ability to close a deal, damaging your bottom line. Whereas, for organisations and government departments, a disengaging presentation results in unclear communication, low morale and ultimately a missed opportunity. 
More time spent, is more money wasted. Convinced presentations reflect the heart and soul of your organisation. We take pride in our ability to communicate your ideas through a rich and engaging presentation.

Often organisations make the mistake of presenting a PowerPoint presentation stacked with excessive bullet points and walls of text. But there is another way...

Convinced use a proven information selection process so that the Slides you present are concise, informative and engaging. With the careful selection and curation of information coupled with our slide designers ability to create enticing visuals, your presentations say more.   
You’ve gotten the stakeholder through the door, a Convinced presentation will make sure they stay.

Presentation design & presentation training services*

Our suite of services have been specially curated to reflect the unique requirements and desires of your business presentation needs. Our range of services listed below will ensure your audience leaves your presentation Convinced. 

presentation training*

Remote Presenter Training

Remote Presentation Training
Adapt to the times & learn how to give an effective presentation when your audience isn’t even in the room.

Presentation Design Portfolio*

We list a limited amount of samples online. If you work in a particular industry and don’t see slides that match yours, contact us – chances are we’ve worked in your field. We’d be happy to show you!
Here is some of the work we’re most proud of:

Learning Library*

We’ve written thousands of blogs, insights and tips over the years. The Learning Library is your hub for all things presentation theory from the presentation experts.  Here’s a few of our most recent.
Harry Wilson
Posted by Harry Wilson
June 28, 2021

Why your pitch presentation can make or break a deal

Pitching for new business is a big deal. A lot of money depends on it. Sometimes jobs depend on it. Growth depends on it. A pitch presentation shouldn’t be taken...

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Emma Goldrick
Posted by Emma Goldrick
March 1, 2021

Presentation anxiety – five tips to help you combat it

You’ve been working with your team for weeks to prepare the perfect bid. It’s less than three days to the presentation and you’ve done as much as you can to...

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Harry Wilson
Posted by Harry Wilson
November 12, 2020

Should I take questions at the end of my presentation?

There are clear arguments for and against taking questions at the end of a presentation as opposed to taking them throughout, and different approaches are suitable in different settings. The...

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Harry Wilson
Posted by Harry Wilson
November 5, 2020

Communicating through a Language Barrier

What do you do if you’re presenting to a foreign audience? Sometimes, a language barrier can get in the way. Even if you both technically speak the same language, you...

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Harry Wilson
Posted by Harry Wilson
November 5, 2020

What Gestures Should I Use?

Many presenters ask what gestures they should use and how they can use body language to persuade their audience of their proposal. But actually, the key thing to remember with...

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Harry Wilson
Posted by Harry Wilson
October 28, 2020

How to Start a Presentation

Starting a presentation effectively is critical to its success. If the introduction to a presentation does not go well the audience can slip into a negative frame of mind or...

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