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Convinced exists to help you win your next presentation or pitch. A team of professional presentation creators, offering unmatched pitch deck curation and PowerPoint presentation design services for organisations across Australia. Our speciality is shaping incredibly persuasive pitches – and coaching you to win them.  We add value by uncovering winning strategies. 

There is way more to a Convinced presentation than just compelling slide design; tried and tested presentation methodology inspires change, sparks imagination and drives action.  And, if you’re looking to get a competitive edge, our Pitch to Win presentation training will help you pitch, persuade and negotiate deals.  

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Presentation design & seriously effective presentation training

Our suite of services have been specially curated to reflect the unique requirements and desires of your business presentation needs. Our range of services listed below will ensure your audience leaves your presentation Convinced. 

Remote presentation training

Remote Presentation Training
Adapt to the times & learn how to give an effective presentation when your audience isn’t even in the room.

Why you can’t afford to use a poor presentation design

For a business, a sub-standard PowerPoint presentation will directly affect your ability to close a deal, damaging your bottom line. Whereas, for organisations and government departments, a disengaging presentation results in unclear communication, low morale and ultimately a missed opportunity. 

More time spent, is more money wasted. Convinced presentations reflect the heart and soul of your organisation. We take pride in our ability to communicate your ideas through a rich and engaging presentation.

Learning Library*

The Learning Library is your knowledge hub for all things presentation theory from the presentation experts.  

Sales Presentations and Business Strategy

Developing an effective sales presentation can help generate insights for your business strategy. Here’s how it works: Most sales presentations fail to articulate a clear value proposition. Those that do often hide the reasons to buy at the end of a presentation, way too late to have any real impact.

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Presentation Theory
Harry Wilson

Presentation Objectives

Presentations need a purpose. Setting clear objectives for presentations is the foundation for success. To set clear presentation objectives, ask what type of presentation is being delivered, who the audience is, what the audience currently thinks and does, and what you want the audience to think and do after the

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pitch presentation
Presentation Theory
Harry Wilson

Why your pitch presentation can make or break a deal

Pitching for new business is a big deal. A lot of money depends on it. Sometimes jobs depend on it. Growth depends on it. A pitch presentation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Preparing to pitch takes time, costs money. Submitting a bid document – 100s of pages, long days, and countless

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Presentation Anxiety
Presentation Skills
Emma Goldrick

Presentation anxiety – five tips to help you combat it

You’ve been working with your team for weeks to prepare the perfect bid. It’s less than three days to the presentation and you’ve done as much as you can to get ready for the big day – your talk track is perfect, the slides work well and the whole team

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Should I take questions at the end of my presentation
Presentation Skills
Harry Wilson

Should I take questions at the end of my presentation?

There are clear arguments for and against taking questions at the end of a presentation as opposed to taking them throughout, and different approaches are suitable in different settings. The benefit of taking questions throughout a presentation is that it allows you to immediately address issues that are relevant to

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What Gestures Should I Use scaled 1
Presentation Skills
Harry Wilson

What Gestures Should I Use?

Many presenters ask what gestures they should use and how they can use body language to persuade their audience of their proposal. But actually, the key thing to remember with gestures is: Don’t overthink them too much. Gestures work far better when they’re natural, and in keeping with the presentation. Exaggerated

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How to Start a Presentation
Presentation Theory
Harry Wilson

How to Start a Presentation

Starting a presentation effectively is critical to its success. If the introduction to a presentation doesn’t go well the audience can slip into a negative frame of mind or switch off. Presenters start their presentations badly for three major reasons: nerves; failure to understand audience attention levels; and not having

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Sales Technics for presenters
Presentation Theory
Harry Wilson

Sales Techniques for Presenters

With so many different sales techniques floating around, it can be difficult for salespeople to know what tips to follow. Here we outline Convinced techniques for conducting sales meetings, particularly when delivering a presentation. How should salespeople consciously incorporate sales techniques into presenting for maximum effect? Opening Don’t jump straight

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Pitch Strategies Incumbent vs. Newcomer scaled 1
Presentation Theory
Harry Wilson

Pitch Strategies: Incumbent vs. Newcomer

Should incumbents pitch differently? How should a company best pitch to retain existing business? What are the best strategies for dislodging an incumbent supplier? This article suggests a number of ways incumbents, and those attempting to replace them, should approach pitch presentations. Incumbent Why is the contract out for renewal? Is

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Getting started with your new presentation design agency is as simple as getting in touch.

We’ll set up a good time for a chat where we can get a feel for what your company is looking to achieve, as well as what the best next steps for your project are going to be.

And you can get a feel for what we’re all about. And find out exactly what a presentation design agency is, if you’re still not sure. We can show you previous work that’s relevant to your project, you can get to know the team, including your dedicated PowerPoint presentation designers, and we can answer any questions – and calm any nerves – you may have.

From there, we’ll create your bespoke proposal. Take your time looking over the detail, before you make any decisions. And, of course, we’re here if any further questions pop up.

This is a tricky question to answer.
The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors. How long do you have to present? How in-depth and complex is your story? How much research will be involved? What will the deliverable be? How much specialist storytelling, design and animation will be required? And so on. 
If you’re completely new to working with a presentation design agency and just need an average turnaround time to get your bosses on board, let’s say between two and six weeks, from initial consultation to final delivery of your corporate presentation solution. 
Now that you have your easy answer, pick up the phone to get one step closer to a tailored one.

Our specialist PowerPoint presentation designers have spent years testing different software to get the best results for our clients. We use PowerPoint most of the time, because it has the best features for most projects, but our expertise extends much further than that. 

Some brands want their internal teams to be able to collaborate remotely when building presentations, so Google Slides is the best bet for them. Sometimes Prezi will be the solution. And, for others, it’s Keynote. We’ve got experience with each piece of software on the market, so we can recommend the one for you. We’ll base the software used on the objectives your company needs to achieve. 

We have a favourite, but we don’t play favourites. Because it’s all about you.

That’s the presentation deliverables covered, but it’s not the end of the specialist software story.

Our presentation designers are experts in the whole Adobe suite – including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, and After Effects. They use this cocktail of skills as the building block of every presentation, but the final file is delivered in a format that your team can access, use, and edit.

This Adobe expertise, alongside the team’s extensive variety of creative backgrounds, is how we can offer the whole package: jaw-dropping presentations that don’t look like presentations, alongside professional supporting assets, such as explainer video, digital brochures, bespoke video, print documents, and infographics. We’re a full-service presentation design agency.

We craft the whole presentation experience, not just the slides behind you.

Check out our full list of services to find out more.

As if you even have to ask. Our clients’ confidentiality is extremely important to us, and we have very strict measures in place. We’ll happily sign your NDA before we even have a consultation and, if you don’t have one to hand, you can use ours.

We’ve worked with large global brands – through to Federal Government – we understand that some things can’t be shared and are confidential. 

The best presentations follow strong themes that are consistent throughout the narrative, design and animation. Would you look at that: your new presentation design agency is dropping expert knowledge before we’ve even had a chat.  

In most cases, we’d recommend starting your project with a discovery workshop, where we unpick your story, your key messaging, as well as get to know your audience and their challenges. This doesn’t only help us to create a powerful narrative for your brand, but also allows us to step back and look at the big picture, making sure we recommend the right deliverable, software, and supporting assets to help you reach your goals.

All of our presentations follow our tried and tested winning methodology. We know this works – having created countless winning presentations for our clients. 

If you have existing content that you’d like us to use as a starting point, that’s great. But if you’d like us to start from scratch, we can create a complete presentation with the findings from the workshop alone. 

And, of course, if you’re happy with your company story, we can leave you to it and jump straight to design and experiential development.

Take a look at what we can do for you, whether you provide content, or we create it.