There is a lot more to us than just being a presentation design agency. 

Find out what makes us tick. 

Our Winning Approach to Killer Presentations*

As a niche presentation and pitch agency, we produce effective presentations and train teams on how to use presentation tools and become killer presenters. 

Our focus lies in helping organisations optimise their potential and better their communication strategies. Convinced specialises in creating and teaching pitching, presentations, community consultations, stakeholder engagement and events. We have extensive experience extracting the right information from businesses, tailoring engagement strategies towards a target audience and ultimately bringing together remarkable visual and audio aids to produce a Convinced presentation.  We also apply research-backed psychology to enhance each and every presentation and ensure that it is memorable. 

Our proven method combines compelling propositions, impressive design and psychology to produce memorable presentations. 

We want to stop death by PowerPoint and instead, leave your audience Convinced.


Whatever the presentation, they need to be Convinced 

Above all, our objective is to provide customised presentations to showcase your product, engage your stakeholders and close the deal. The success of our clients continues to fuel our passion for creating and designing show-stopping presentations.

With each new project, our team brings the same level of commitment and motivation to ensure your audience is Convinced.

We provide choice and flexibility because we know every organisation is different.

We know that no business is alike, and therefore we take immense pride in tailoring each of our presentations to your businesses’ exact requirements.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to presentation design and achieving results. To reflect this, we have a range of different services that allow you to decide the customisation level and support your business needs. Your presentation needs are contingent on your businesses objectives, industry, size and so much more, that’s why we offer a range of different presentation packages.

Businesses need choice and flexibility, so that is what we provide! 

We regularly update our learning library because we are invested in the success of your business. 

We want to provide our customers and supporters with the most up-to-date and relevant information when it comes to anything engagement, marketing, presentation or pitch-wise.

The latest resources and technology are continually changing, so that means we need to research, revise and update our approach constantly. If it is important for us to know, then it’s important for you to know.

We know how stressful and time-consuming businesses can be; which is why we have compiled the latest and most relevant information you need to know before stepping into your next presentation in our Learning Library.

Why do we believe in free learning tools?

We provide extensive free marketing and presentation tools in our Learning Library because we are sick of Death by PowerPoint.

Not every business or person interested in Convinced will become a customer, and that is okay! But we want to provide everyone with the chance to understand our approach and experience our knowledge and resources.

By providing free presentation tools in our Learning Library, we can do our part in stopping Death by PowerPoint. A poorly designed PowerPoint is taxing on your business and the audience, so we are happy to help whenever we can.

We are proud of the complimentary presentation tools we provide in our Learning Library and encourage you to take full advantage of them!

Engaging and memorable slides are so much more than just design.  

Pretty PowerPoint slides are not enough for your presentation to be engaging and memorable. Our approach is to design slides that facilitate effective communication and engagement. By applying our experience, research and psychology within the creative design process, we are able to create slides that look great and actually work.

We value your feedback! 

We are always looking for ways to improve and innovate our presentations and services. While we stay up to date with the latest marketing research, engagement psychology and design trends, we want to hear from you!

Our clients and potential clients drive our purpose, so we are always open to feedback and fresh ideas!

We are the experts in creating persuasive presentations. Talk to us today.

Ready to win your next presentation?