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Can I view a PowerPoint file on an iPad?

Can I view a PowerPoint file on an iPad scaled 1

Yes. Depending on your requirements, there are a few ways to do this, and each carries pros and cons.

Option 1: Office 365 – The first and most obvious solution is to get PowerPoint on your iPad. Microsoft has now produced an app for Office 365 for current subscribers – but only on the iPhone. It’s not available on the iPad, and Microsoft has stated that they have no intention of bringing out an iPad version. You can gain access on the iPad through Web Apps via the Safari browser if you have an Office 365 subscription ($99.99 a year, across all devices). However, you can only use this to access documents stored on SkyDrive – and you have to be online to use them. This means that in order to open, edit, or view a file, you must be connected to the internet.  This could be problematic if you want to present on the go, or make a few changes to some slides when you’re on a flight without access to Wi-Fi.

Option 2: Google Slides – This is probably the second easiest solution of all. Using Google Slides will allow your team to use most of the features of your PowerPoint presentation on your iPad. Make sure you do double check first though – a lot of animations don’t transfer over – and sometimes the formatting can go a little weird.

Option 3: Keynote app – Importing a PowerPoint file to Keynote works for the most part, and carries the added benefit of allowing you to edit your slides on your iPad. However, the Microsoft-Apple crossover is not without its difficulties, and you should expect to have to test for glitches.

Option 4: Record as video – Record a presenter delivering short presentations and provide these as video content for your audience to watch. Video can be uploaded to YouTube, or uploaded to other video platforms that will convert to an iPad-friendly format.

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