How do I make my audience remember my slides?

It’s one thing if your audience enjoy your presentation, but if they come away without remembering any of your key messages, it won’t be effective. Every presentation has objectives to meet, which generally require your audience to take some sort of action at the end of it. In a sales presentation, presenters are asking their audience members to make the decision to buy from them – based on the reasons you laid out in their presentations. If the audience can’t remember these reasons, the presenter has failed.

So how do you make your audience remember your key messages?

The good news is that there are certain techniques you can use to encourage your audience to remember your key points. We call these passive mnemonic process (PMP), and m62 uses a CRAVE acronym to remember the various techniques:

•             Chunking: Break the information down into logical, manageable chunks

•             Relevance: Make it interesting and useful for your audience – not just for you!

•             Association: Use stories and comparisons to link ideas together

•             Visualisation: Visualise your messages to enable dual encoding

•             Elaboration: Repeat and build upon key points to reinforce them

Using these techniques will ensure that your audience is paying attention to and absorbing your messages, and will make it far easier for your key points be remembered.

Most of these points come down to messaging and structure, and focus on the presentation as a whole. Visualisation focuses on recall at a slide level.  Rather than using text on your slides, use images, graphs and diagrams to demonstrate your points. This means that your audience will be able to absorb the information via dual encoding (both through the visual and aural senses), which can more than triple recall rates.

For more information on passive mnemonic techniques you can use in presentations, watch this video.

Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson is the Founder & Managing Consultant at Convinced.

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