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More and more businesses are now uploading their presentations to the Internet in order to get the biggest impact out of their content. But once your presentation is online, what can you actually do with it? Are you really making the most of your material, or could you push it even further? Here are our top ideas for things to do with your online presentations.

  1. Sell online – For presentations early in the sales cycle, it isn’t always worth the time and cost of travel to get to your prospects. Send them a narrated version of your presentation early on, and you will attract their interest in an effective way – without spending anything other than the thirty seconds it takes to click ‘send’.
  2. Embed on your website – Your VP of Marketing will tell you how quickly you need to get the attention of visitors to your homepage. What better way to do this than to really differentiate your brand by summarising your organisation without paragraphs of text? Instead, upload a few slides from your presentation to describe your organisation in your own words, and with engaging visuals that will make a memorable impact.
  3. Follow up – Do your audience ever ask you to send your slides after a meeting? If your presentation is engaging and effective, your slides won’t make sense without you. You could leave a Word document containing your speaker notes, but would they really read it? Send a narrated version of your presentation, and allow your audience to benefit from listening to you present again. Even better, they can send it on to others who missed the meeting – and with tracking enabled, you can see who watched it, and so know who to get in contact with.
  4. Use as a referral tool – Referrals are a great way to do business, but your clients don’t always have the best information at hand when mentioning you to others. Give happy customers the link to your presentation, and ask them to send it on to others. The referral comes from them, but your organisation is described by you – in a way that you know works.
  5. Train newcomers – Send your new employees the link, and get them up to speed with your product or service – and the way you sell it. You already have the information there, and it’s far more cost and time effective than organising specific training in a live location. More seasoned employees can even watch the presentation as a recap before an important meeting, to ensure that they get the best results.
  6. Link from social media – Rather than describing what you do on your social media profile, simply link to a few slides from your presentation. People are more likely to watch a quick, engaging video than read through lots of information, and it’s a great way of standing out from the crowd.
  7. Use for lead nurturing – Send segments of your presentation out to interested leads, and you’ll see massive increases in response rates. Use tracking reports to see how much people watch of your presentation, and call those who watch the whole thing. Get your salespeople to focus on the leads you know are engaged, and you are chasing the right leads – making your sales team far more productive.

All of the ideas listed above are things you can do with just one existing presentation; just imagine what you can do with presentations tailored to different needs. You could fill your employees in on your latest company update; create a tailored proposal presentation; train your sales team online – and check that they’ve watched it. The possibilities are endless – so get creating!

Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson is the Founder & Managing Consultant at Convinced.

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