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Why your pitch presentation can make or break a deal

pitch presentation

Pitching for new business is a big deal. A lot of money depends on it. Sometimes jobs depend on it. Growth depends on it. A pitch presentation shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Preparing to pitch takes time, costs money. Submitting a bid document – 100s of pages, long days, and countless revisions – is no easy task. Designing a solution – a campaign, a building, an architecture – costs $1000s. Yet for each pitch, most companies lose.

Companies lose pitches in the room, sure, but that loss is a long-time coming. Most companies just don’t do a good enough job in how they prepare for pitch presentations.

Slides prepared the day before. One rehearsal, late at night. Pitch presentation that just rehashes the tender response. Too many speakers. Slides that don’t join up. Too many slides. Not enough sleep. Unanticipated questions. No understanding of competitors. No differentiation. The wrong differentiation. No value. The wrong value.

Tedious slides, instantly forgotten. Poor presentation. Poor preparation.

Not every pitch is worth making, but if it’s worth pitching, it’s worth winning. Convinced help clients to deliver pitch presentations that work. Engaging – so the audience are interested in what you say. Memorable – so your sales messages stick in the mind until they decide who to select. A structured process ensures every variable is considered. Nothing is left to chance.

We can’t guarantee you will win your pitch. But we can make sure you make the very best of your chance.

Great process. Great presentation. Great pitch.

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