What equipment should I take for my presentation?

When you are pitching to prospective clients, current customers or even your team it is essential that you have the correct equipment with you. Having the right equipment with you could make or break the presentation.

When pitching, it’s best to take more equipment with you rather than less and be unprepared. Start off by making a list of all the equipment you think you’ll need for the presentation. The list of a bare minimum should include a presentation remote, a laptop or device to play your presentation, a copy of your slides saved to a USB, and if you’re using a Mac, a converter cable to change the signal to VGA. Try and take something spare of everything if possible – you never know when something might break on you. Especially remember spare batteries for your presentation remote – these are apt to fail at the last minute, which can be embarrassing!

Here is the full list of things we recommend you consider taking when planning a presentation:

Laptop and charger with PowerPoint file saved
Copy of PowerPoint file on USB
Presentation remote
Spare batteries for remote
Bottle of water
Mac converter to VGA cable
VGA and HDMI cables (or converters if you don’t have ports for either of these)
Business Cards
Notebook and pen
Any handouts – if you’re at an event, do you have flyers? Leave behinds? A corporate brochure?
If you’re selling a product, bring one for a demonstration
Printout of all information including phone numbers (in case your phone runs out of battery)

Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson is the Founder & Managing Consultant at Convinced.

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