We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.


The dreaded Death by PowerPoint

The work we do at Convinced is structured around constant research and revision to ensure we deliver the most engaging results every time. Through our rigid approach to research, our services and presentation always reflect current innovation and trends. Our goal is to stop Death by PowerPoint. 

Our studies, which include testimonies from over 3,000 people, show that on average bullet-point presentation slides yield a 15-20% recall of information rate after just one hour. With such a low information retention rate for bullet-point presentations, it became our mission to research strategies to better audience engagement. 

PowerPoint is a compelling presentation tool when used in a considered way. Effective presentations require the balance of clear communication and engaging aids. However, to present well, we need to understand why and when to use visual aids and how this resonates with the audience. 

Presentations work well when the slides and the presenter work together. Using the Convinced model, we are able to ensure your business delivers the right information, at the right time and avoids death by PowerPoint. 

Just another design agency?

At Convinced we don’t just make your PowerPoint Presentation slides look pretty, we apply a combination of design, psychology and a proven methodological process to achieve captivating results.

Our methodology involves three key steps that we embed within each and every Convinced Presentation.


Your presentation is your shop window. It is what entices customers and makes you stand out against your competitors. Your presentation must be impressive.

To make your PowerPoint impressive, we design all your presentation requirements with your target audience in focus. Our process involves a meticulous selection of visual aids to make an impressive presentation.

Gone are the days where sales people create their own pitches in PowerPoint.


If your presentation does not combine the right balance of information and engagement, it will not be compelling. A presentation that isn’t compelling, is obsolete.

To avoid your audience peering down at their phones, we make sure you have a killer proposition and compelling messaging.


Your presentation needs to have the momentum to stay memorable after your client has left the room. Decisions take time and first impressions matter. Whether your audience are making their decision later that day, week or even longer, their decision will be based on what they remember.

Using a combination of engagement and retention strategies, in conjunction with tailored visuals and audio and extensive target-market research, we make your presentation memorable.

To succeed, your presentation needs to be Impressive, Compelling and Memorable.  Passing these steps will ensure that your audience is Convinced.

We have developed Intellectual Property to sit behind these three, which means we can guarantee each presentation will be able to Convince. To find out more about our methodology and how we apply it to each presentation, contact us and let us show you the difference.