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Our Google Slides Training will help elevate the quality of presentations your organisation delivers.

Our presentation consultants will train your team how to create impressive and memorable presentations with Google Slides. The Google Slides Training covers layout and design, visuals, image manipulation, templates, interactive multimedia and animation in Google Slides. We will also share our tips and tricks to help you save time whilst also achieving the best results with Google Slides.

Google Slides Training

Google Slides Training Learning Objectives

  • Outline the role of slides in a presentation
  • Implement the principles of professional presentation design 
  • Create and design memorable visual slides to achieve maximum audience engagement
  • Demonstrate ways to build useful slides for various uses

What to expect

Tool Navigation, Application & Productivity – We will teach you how to operate Google Slides efficiently and effectively by showing you different shortcuts and tricks. Increasing productivity will allow you to be more confident in your use of slides.  

Layout & Design – We combine theory, tips and practical demonstrations to create well-designed layouts that display information clearly and in an engaging manner. This section will also teach you how to optimise the space on each slide in the most thought-out and effective way possible. 

Visuals – Not all visuals are useful; that’s why we will demonstrate different ways to ensure your visuals always portray a thousand words. 

Animation – Animation is often an excellent tool to boost audience engagement. We will teach you the necessary skills in identifying animation types alongside more advanced training, including how to import GIFs created with other software.  

Data Optimisation – Our presentation consultant will show you how to create, edit and present charts and graphs in a way that will help your audience retain the information and sustain their engagement. 

Interactivity & Automation – Depending on what type of presentation you are giving; it is essential to know how to create interactive slides and different degrees of automation. In this section, we will cover how to develop navigable menus and interactive elements, i.e., quizzes. In conjunction, our presentation consultants will also demonstrate how to import, export and edit to make the best use of the media within the slides themselves. 

Templates & Themes – This section will show you how to streamline the production of visually consistent presentations by establishing and setting templates and themes. 

 Anything else? If your team wants to know specific advanced Google Slides elements like which add-ons to use or how to reduce your file size, we can cater to this. If there is anything else you believe would be valuable for your team to learn, please do not hesitate to let us know.


After discussing your needs, we will agree on which Google Slides Training modules to include which will ensure our training achieves maximum benefits. Within this, we can also create bespoke training, including the art of storytelling and how to develop presentation skills in conjunction to the Google Slides Training.

Our presentation consultants can provide face-to-face training, or if you prefer, we can run a series of online training sessions. Before the training, we confirm who will be attending and what their training needs are, to refine our approach and optimise results.

The Google Slides Training Toolkit is both a reference guide and workbook. The Google Slides Training Toolkit is a Slides deck that allows you to build skills according to your design guidelines. This ensures that throughout the training course and beyond, you will be designing slides consistent with your brand guidelines.

One of our presentation consultants will run your Google Slides Training course. Our presentation experts have worked with leading brands and know exactly what works.

To ensure that our Google Slides Training is as effective as possible, we will also provide online revision slides a few weeks after your initial training day.

Upskill your team with leading Google Slides Training.

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