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Our flagship all-round presentation design solution.

Impress your audience and seal the deal with a killer presentation design. Presentation Creation is the all-inclusive package for businesses looking to advance their presentation capabilities. This is our bells and whistles service – tried and tested at closing deals.  

Our team of expert presentation designers will help you use stunning visuals to captivate your audience. We’re tool agnostic – meaning whether you use a PowerPoint design, a Google Slides deck or an Apple Keynote we can create perfection.  Your presentation will be told from the perspective of the audience, leaving in only the bits that are relevant to them. 

We ensure that your message is received loud and clear through impressive visuals, compelling messaging and use proven psychology to make it memorable

Presentation Creation isn’t a design service. It’s an all round solution for winning. 

Presentation Creation

Presentation Creation Process

We start with the most important thing. Having a clear and memorable proposition. This is the key to an effective presentation. We help you tell your story in a persuasive way to leave your audience Convinced.

Next up, words become visuals to make your presentation compelling. Nobody wants to read endless bullet-points or paragraphs of copy. With our tried and tested visualisation techniques, your audience won’t have to.  Pictures, charts, diagrams, animations - we help your audience tie it all together.

Our presentation designers work in PowerPoint (or Keynote, or Google Slides) to create something beautiful that enhances your brand, communicates your message, and makes you look good. We apply our research backed methodology that leads to an 80% increase in recall. 

We talk you through your draft presentation, and make changes that you request. We make changes super fast so that you have a finished presentation you are happy with quickly and easily.

Once you actually use a presentation you find out what works well and what needs to change. So we give you a couple of hours of edits for free, after a week, month, and quarter of finishing your presentation.


Messaging and consultant insight – all projects include support with messaging and story where needed, including briefing sessions so we understand your content and tell your story in the right way. We will also offer input and advice on how to make sure that your presentation is effective, bringing our expertise to your unique situation.

PowerPoint Presentation template if required – fully programmed, designed to your guidelines and specifications, yours to keep for future presentations. We also develop templates for Google Slides, Prezi and Keynote. 

Project management – tailored to your preferences, to ensure you get the presentation you need, when you need it, in a way that’s easy for you.


Strategic messaging – recommended for those crucial presentations where getting a particularly complex message right is critical. We work with you to run workshops and interviews, make recommendations, and build consensus to ensure that your positioning is persuasive and effective. We’re happy to advise on whether this service level might be appropriate. Completely optional. 

Presentation Design Portfolio

We create PowerPoint presentations day in, day out. We know what works (and what doesn't). Speak with one of the team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Presentation Creation is our standard presentation design service that can be tailored to whatever your specific needs are. We work with you to make sure the presentation reflects the messaging of your organisation. We will craft an impressive, compelling and memorable presentation with added visualisation and animation when necessary.  

Our Slide Remaster service is recommended when you either have a limited budget, a strict timeframe or when you just need your slides to look more professional. 

Usually, a Presentation Creation will take no longer then four weeks. However, we like to cater to you! So, if you need your presentation sooner, we can work alongside you to make cater to your time restraints. 

Of course, this depends on the nature of your presentation. Typically, the people who are involved in the process, are the people who ‘own’ the message – that is those who understand how the presentation will be used. Often subject matter experts and those responsible for the brand may be required for small parts of the project in order to clarify messaging. However, other projects we work with one or two key individuals to complete the process. 

We cater for you! We work with some clients solely via remote correspondents. Whereas others prefer face-to-face. Convinced is based in Canberra, ACT, however we can occasionally facilitate face-to-face meetings in Sydney, NSW if required. 

Often our design consultants will have some experience working with or within a similar industry. However, that isn’t the point! Our design consultants understand presentations. They have an expert understanding of the psychology, design, animation and messaging required for a successful presentation. 

The amount of slides each presentation needs varies. Not every slide in a presentation takes up the same amount of time or serves the same weight of purpose. Typically, a sales presentation may involve around 30 slides and take 25mins to present. However, we know that each individual presenter is different, and we work with them to create presentations that strengthen each presenter’s individual style. 

We work in PowerPoint 2016 as our ‘standard’ version as it is currently the most up-to-date software. However, if your organisation operates a different version of PowerPoint, we will ensure to check compatibility. 

If preferred for can also create presentations using PowerPoint for Mac, Keynote, or Google Slides.

Yes! The slides we create for you will be given to you in an editable format. Editing text and photos if often mostly straightforward. However, as our slides are often quite sophisticated you may require extra help. To cater for this, we offer aftercare, in which we make edits without additional cost if required. 

At the end of the Presentation Creation project, you will receive a presentation, a template and ongoing support if needed. More importantly, you will have the tools and ability to communicate in an effective and engaging manner. 

Convinced provides a holistic and all-inclusive approach. We help with your messaging, not just your slide design – often the services we provide are more than your in-house team would do. 

We know how to use visualisation to effectively replace unnecessary bullet-point walls. Convinced provides a fresh pair of eyes to work on your content, story and positioning. 

Most design departments are great at a lot of things; however, presentation design is different. We specialise in presentations and create presentations that impress designers themselves!

Many companies do not allocate a budget for presentations as they are used to a DIY approach. Our clients typically fund our work from marketing spend allocated to things like advertising or brochures. This makes sense, because at the end of the day you shouldn’t be spending money getting meetings, if the presentations used in those meetings are ineffective.

Our starting prices are relatively low, and our clients will often see a quick return on investment. This allows the projects to be self-funding after an initial upfront investment. 

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